About Discussions

Discussions allow you to contribute to an online dialogue around a specific initiative. Fayetteville OutFront staff create and monitor discussions. Each discussion has one or more subtopics where you can add your thoughts or respond to other users’ comments.

Staff with Fayetteville-Cumberland Parks and Recreation want to hear from you on how to better advertise programs.

Discussion: Earth Hour


What is your idea for ways that the community can help conserve energy?


During the Safe Streets Symposium, participants split into different groups to brainstorm on ways of combating crime. The following topics are the main topics identified during the break-out sessions. Please take a moment and share your thoughts, and suggestions on the ideas generated during the symposium. 

Discussion: Storm Response


Recently, staff with the City of Fayetteville responded to the heavy rains on Tuesday, April 29. Staff responded to fires, evacuated neighborhoods, rescued stranded motorists, cleared streets, unclogged storm drains, opened shelters and kept the public informed of the changing conditions. How can City staff better serve the community during emergency situations?


In light of recent events, there has been dialogue among members of the community regarding the use of the image of the Market House in the City Seal. The Mayor, and City Council would like to hear how you feel about the current City Seal, the Market House and what it means to the community.

Please take a moment to participate in a brief survey and share your thoughts. Please also take a moment to participate in a forum and share your thoughts on the issue.


Share your feedback now by taking the following survey:City Seal and the Market House