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In the projects page for the website redesign, there are a series of photos showing different types of design elements that can be used with the new website. Share your thoughts and opinions with staff. Your input can be invaluble in designing the final product. 

Staff with the City of Fayetteville's government access channel, FayTV7, want to hear from you. What topics or issues would you like to see covered in an episode of "Fayetteville in 5", FayTV7's bi-weekly news brief?

The City of Fayetteville is exploring the possibility of a downtown baseball stadium and mixed-used commercial property, including a parking garage near its downtown district as an economic catalyst for Murchison Road and the downtown. The proposed site is at the southern end of Murchison Road, adjacent to downtown and Fayetteville State University, and could be a very transformative project for the Murchison Road corridor. With the NCDOT realignment of Rowan Street Bridge and the intersection of Bragg Boulevard, and the closing of Bragg Boulevard which will increase the traffic along Murchison Road, this redevelopment would create a major gateway and provide patrons and residents access to the NC Veterans Park, linear trails, downtown businesses and restaurants.

Fayetteville has the distinction of being where baseball icon Babe Ruth hit his first professional home run.

Officials will soon be traveling to Sugar Land, Texas to tour the Houston suburb’s baseball stadium. Sugar Land’s stadium is part of a multi-use complex and Fayetteville officials would like to gather information and best practices about how the complex has economically impacted Sugar Land.  The complex offers other uses such as soccer, football, lacrosse and swimming.

Fayetteville officials have already visited Durham Bulls Athletic Park and the adjacent American Tobacco Campus in downtown Durham and BB&T Ballpark in downtown Charlotte. Downtown baseball stadiums have proven to be economic development catalysts in other cities across the country and officials want to examine if the same economic successes can be accomplished here.

A driving simulation showing the physical boundaries around the stadium and mixed-use project, which includes the reconstructed Rowan Street bridge and Bragg Boulevard are shown at the following link: https://youtu.be/2DS1r76FFt0.

Give us thoughts on the proposed complex.

City staff from the Development Services Department want to hear from you.  What do you, the citizens of Fayetteville and Cumberland County, think about the changing face of development in the City? 

Staff with the City of Fayetteville's government access channel, FayTV7, want to hear from you. What topics or issues would you like to see covered in an episode of "PWC Connections", the City of Fayetteville Public Works Commission's magazine style show?

The City of Fayetteville has a red-light camera program that is administered by American Traffic Solutions. Which intersections in Fayetteville would you suggest have a red-light camera installed in the future to reduce the amount of red-light runners in our community?

For more information on the City of Fayetteville's Red Light Camera Program, visit http://cityoffayetteville.org/engineering_and_infrastructure/red_light_camera_program.aspx

Fayetteville in Focus is the City of Fayetteville's newest show and gives residents an indepth look at what’s happening within your City of Fayetteville government.


Each episode will feature a story of interest, highlight City services, and keep you informed of new programs and upcoming events.


New episodes will be rolled out every other week. 


What is the one thing you can do to help make our streets safer?

What challenges does the community in Fayetteville face when it comes to reducing crime?

Forum: Citizen Input

What can be done to improve ways that citizen and resident input are included in the CIty's decisions and plans for bettering Fayetteville?

How can citizens and City staff make sure that the community's needs are listened to and addressed appropriately?

In what ways can residents, city leadership, and local organizations and institutions work together to help our city become a healthier, more vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable major North Carolina City>

The 440th Airlift Wing is a critical component in the high level training and timely deployment of our Airborne and Special Operations forces at Fort Bragg. The placement of the C-130H at Fort Bragg has proven to be a critical asset to mission essential parameters of rapid response, global reach of the forces, and critical training of the forces.

It is estimated that 440th Airlift Wing leaving would have a $77.8 million impact on the local economy.

How would the 440th Airlift Wing affect you? What impact do you think it will have on Fort Bragg?

Webb Management Services is conducting a community survey on behalf of the City of Fayetteville, Cumberland County and the Arts Council of Fayetteville/Cumberland County. The public’s input will help the company assess the need for additional cultural programming, potential support for the development of new facilities and general support for the arts in Fayetteville.

Share your idea of what the cultural arts in Fayetteville mean to you. It could be something that is already here or something you would like to see developed/brought here. (If you’d like to share your thoughts through a more in-depth survey visit https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FayettevilleArts)

What is your reaction to the proposed Charter revision bill that would remove the Fayetteville Public Works Commission from the oversight of the City Council? To view the latest version of the bill, visit the NC Legislature's website at:


Staff with the City of Fayetteville's government access channel, FayTV7, want to hear from you. What topics or issues would you like to see covered in an episode of "Brave the Fire", the Fayetteville Fire Department's magazine style show?

The City's vision statment is the collective understanding of the ideal City of Fayetteville in 10 years. It reflects the standard of living we hope to achieve through our actions today. What is your vision for the City of Fayetteville and what actions need to be taken today?


The City of Fayetteville is a great place to live with a choice of desirable, safe neighborhoods, a regional shopping destination, leisure opportunities for all and beauty by design.


Our City has a vibrant downtown and major corridors, the Cape Fear River to enjoy, diverse cultures with a rich heritage, a strong local economy and beneficial military presence.


Our City has unity of purpose and partners with engaged residents who have confidence in their local government.


This creates a sustainable community with opportunities for individuals and families to thrive.



      The City of Fayetteville is a leader in using the Strategic Plan to drive the community and organization forward with purpose. The Strategic Plan sets the direction for the City and helps guide the actions of staff in fulfilling the goals. This year, City Council really focused on what kind of outcomes it would take to achieve the vision for our community and worked to identify the top few critical priorities. The City also made the transition to performance management so that we can gauge how well we are doing in achieving our goals. What are the issues that are important for the City Council to consider as they develop the City's Strategic priorities?  How can we make our community a better place? 

Staff with the City of Fayetteville's government access channel, FayTV7, want to hear from you. What topics or issues would you like to see covered in an episode of "Behind the Badge", the Fayetteville Police Department's magazine style show?