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Fayetteville in Focus is the City of Fayetteville's newest show and gives residents an indepth look at what’s happening within your City of Fayetteville government.


Each episode will feature a story of interest, highlight City services, and keep you informed of new programs and upcoming events.


New episodes will be rolled out every other week. 


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Attachment: Video - "Fayetteville in Focus" Episode 2- Fayetteville Goes Red For Women


Welcome to Fayetteville in Focus, a program that gives you an inside look at what’s happening within your City of Fayetteville government. Each episode will feature stories of interest, highlight City services, and keep you informed of new programs and upcoming events. In this episode, FayTV7's Kenneth Mayner takes a look at a recent public awareness campaign that the City participated in that aims to save the lives of women everywhere. 

Attachment: Video - Fayetteville in Focus- Episode 1 "Nextdoor"


Fayetteville in Focus is a program that gives you an inside look at what's happening within your City of Fayetteville government. 

This episode of Fayetteville in Focus highlights the "Nextdoor" program, which gives Community Watch groups, neighborhoods, and citizens the opportunity to stay informed and engage with the Fayetteville Police Department.

Attachment: Video - "Fayetteville in Focus" Episode 5- Red Light Cameras


In this episode of Fayetteville In Focus, we look at The City of Fayetteville's new red light safety camera program. There will be a seven-day warning period beginning on July 1, 2015. During this time, cameras will capture still images and video of the back end of vehicles running red lights at designated intersections. A warning notice will be issued to each vehicle’s registered owner. Fines are not issued during this phase. At the completion of the warning period, citations with a $100 fine will be issued. Red light safety cameras will operate at the following intersections. Each intersection is marked clearly with signs. The first group of intersections to have red light cameras: • Reilly Road at Kimridge Drive • Ramsey Street at Law Road • Skibo Road at Morganton Road The following intersections will have red light cameras installed later this year: • Reilly Road at Morganton Road • Skibo Road at Yadkin Road/McPherson Church Road • Yadkin Road at Santa Fe Drive • Raeford Road at Bunce Road • Bragg Boulevard at Cain Road/Fort Bragg Road Red light safety cameras operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When a driver approaches and enters the intersection after the light has turned red, the camera captures still images and video of the event. The still images and video are then securely and wirelessly transferred to American Traffic Solutions, Inc. (ATS). If a citation is issued, the vehicle owner will have the option to dispute the violation, transfer the liability for the incident or pay the fine either online, over the phone, by mail or in-person at a local office to open in the future. Revenue from red light running fines will fund the program and provide additional revenue to local schools.

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