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      The City of Fayetteville is a leader in using the Strategic Plan to drive the community and organization forward with purpose. The Strategic Plan sets the direction for the City and helps guide the actions of staff in fulfilling the goals. This year, City Council really focused on what kind of outcomes it would take to achieve the vision for our community and worked to identify the top few critical priorities. The City also made the transition to performance management so that we can gauge how well we are doing in achieving our goals. What are the issues that are important for the City Council to consider as they develop the City's Strategic priorities?  How can we make our community a better place? 

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    Idea: Solar Power

    Stephan Busch over 3 years ago

    Solar implemented on the rooftops of government buildings could save the government thousands every month. There are also plenty of open lots and spaces in parks that could be utilized for solar energy. If implemented by PWC it could save them in operating costs as well as help reduce the rates charged towards citizens. This could also possibly attract new renewable energy businesses to the Fayetteville area while making the area more appealing to new residents.

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    We really need the city tennis facilities upgraded and possibly more courts built. The current facilities are in rough shape. We host many tournaments, including the state tournament for junior team tennis the past two years and a large intercollegiate event, which bring in a ton of revenue and tourists. The community tennis association is working hard to add more tournaments and events. If the courts continue to decline, this will not be possible. There is a large demand for the courts,especially at Mazarick Park. This facility desperately needs to be resurfaced. Adding more courts would also help us to bring in more large events, which have a great economic impact on our community.

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    Propose an amendment to Code of Ordinances Part II Chapter 19 Article I Section 19-2 Paragraph I to include Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.

    In fact all instances in the code which cite protected groups (i.e. race, religion, sex, national origin, etc...) should be updated to include sexual orientation and gender identity.

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    Creating a Cultural Arts center to inspire and enrich our community by offering exceptional performances, classes, and visual arts exhibits. A place where our young citizens have an opportunity to discover their creative talents and use it as an outlet instead of turning to drugs and violence. Adults can attend art classes or cultural organization workshops.

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    Fayetteville is lacking in its recreation department. Pools are needed badly. To have only one pool in a city this size is crazy. And what happens when that pool closes for repairs? Where do the youth go then? Everyone knows that having "idle" children around is not a good thing. Give them a place to have fun and enjoy the summer!

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    Here's an idea. The city buys it at a definitely reduced rate due to fines already assessed to the owner or just takes it over by default.

    Then the city rehabs it, turns it into City Hall.

    Then the Cumberland County Sheriff's Department and the Fayetteville City Police Department combine to create a "Metro Police Force" and use the old City Hall across the street from the Fayetteville Police Station for expansion.

    Any takers?

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    Citizens, both residential and businesses need to really step up their game when it comes to safety, security and emergency preparedness. Community watches are great but that's only the beginning. The police department is doing a really good job but they cannot do it alone. Citizens need to know that anything can happen, any time, any place. It doesn't matter if you live in a gated community or the lower income sections of town, things are still going to happen.

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    Cindy Pietrzyk over 4 years ago

    Have city inspectors peruse neighborhoods looking for city ordinance violations and have them corrected before they become eyesores. It would help make long time residents feel a lot safer in their homes. Old Ponderosa was once a well kept neighborhood where people took pride in their homes. Now there's just a handful of us and it is very discouraging to see the neglect.

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