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The 440th Airlift Wing is a critical component in the high level training and timely deployment of our Airborne and Special Operations forces at Fort Bragg. The placement of the C-130H at Fort Bragg has proven to be a critical asset to mission essential parameters of rapid response, global reach of the forces, and critical training of the forces.

It is estimated that 440th Airlift Wing leaving would have a $77.8 million impact on the local economy.

How would the 440th Airlift Wing affect you? What impact do you think it will have on Fort Bragg?

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    Negotiate for the most advantageous opportunity, receive anything less and you’re still ahead.
    WHEREAS 1. 57,000 HIGHLY trained personnel. The elite of our American Armed forces have resided and transferred from Fort Bragg. This location will always be the permenanent place of abode for our Military. Millions of soldiers have stood at attention in the fine location of Fort Bragg. All that have stepped foot on this location have continued the legacy of the finest service, throughout the globe.
    WHEREAS 2.The residents of North Carolina. WHEREAS 3. How many ventures? How much revenue was generated? (We need quantitative figures here, not emotions) WHEREAS 4. We need to focus on how many families we will help, the positive rippling effects of an expansion (trained military and civilian hands on deck), and the great opportunity for our government to demonstrate support to their armed forces! WHEREAS 5.Repetitive-REMOVE WHEREAS 6.Describe most distinctive features of training being described. How many timely deployments? What conflict resolutions did they impart? What were the victories? WHEAREAS 7. Describe the “parameters of rapid responses” and “global locations”. WHEREAS 8. Request 130H’s to be delivered immediately. Explain the benefits for expansion with a pool of trained personnel already positioned, and ready to grow! Emphasize the benefits of lower cost of living in comparison of where C-130J and H’s are being built. Advertise opportunities of the cost saving advantages for expanding 440th to include C-130H. Express the advantages for low cost expansion and the benefits of having more ready flights in the best military base in the world.
    WHEREAS 9. Aircraft at Fort Bragg is the blood line that keeps our military vital. Elite aircraft and elite pilots, mechanics, and builders should be centrally located. We need to create a budget that supports this- to justify the expansion.
    WHEREAS 10. Tell us how the expansion could improve the local economy and bring “much needed” jobs to the state of NC. WHEREAS 11. We are “FOR” expansion of the 440th, due to the benefits it can offer to strengthen and enhance our global military force, with efficient resources. WHEREAS 12. We seek expansion FOR 440TH to continue protecting our nation in the best capacity available.

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    The 440th put the "air" in "airborne" and deactivating the unit, in my opinion, will seriously jeopardize our military response. With Russia acting up, along with North Korea, now is not the time to show weakness.

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