Kenneth Mayner, Graphics Manager, Corporate Communications admin almost 3 years ago

The City of Fayetteville should encourage development on the Cape River River in East Fayetteville and the areas of the City east toward I-95. There should be a corridor plan to encourage growth the area. The area shapes a lot of the first impression many have of our City and the river and the area bordering I-95 is an untapped resource for the arts, recreation, retail, lodging, restaurants, etc. Attached are images what Greenville, SC has done with their river area (riverwalk, pedestrian bridge).

There is lots of development on the westside of the city and more focus needs to be placed on the east side to balance out growth, improve aesthetics, increase tourism, and help combat negative perceptions of Fayetteville. The Cape Fear River Trail could also be extended further down stream connected via a river walk. It would also improve the City's case in future plans connected to the Cape Fear River basin if the City of Fayetteville was aggressive about riverside development.

The widening of NC 24 between Fayetteville and Jacksonville (the major route that connects Fort Bragg to Camp Lejeune) through eastern Cumberland County and Sampson County should also be a factor to consider.

Visit Greenville, SC (video):

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Lynne Williford almost 2 years ago

Great idea. I was born and raised here and have seen the east side practically ignored. Don't get me wrong about the west side because of Ft Bragg and Pope AFB. However residents on the east side need attention as well. More safe shopping, restaurants and recreation are required. More police involvement should be provided. There are places I try not to frequent because the area is not safe. Yes I know there is a police station in Grove View Terrace but my belief is that their hands are quite full and cannot give full attention to the rest of east Fayetteville..

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