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Mary Burch almost 3 years ago

2 weekends in spring and in fall have flea market/yard sale. The items sold and proceeds to help shelters and homeless of Fayetteville. To get people involved as well have food trucks selling food to individuals to boost participation. Can have the neighborhoods of Fayetteville challenge each other to see who can sell the most. Then the funds be given to the shelters and if we need to develop more housing for the homeless then this might help.


As this illustration from the Boston Globe shows, Sherman and the Union Army came into Fayetteville in 1865 on their way to Bentonville and eventually the end of the war in Richmond. Sherman occupied the town, and, Union raids and personal gripes aside, took the keys to the city. The Market House represents Fayetteville. Instead of spending time on what never happened there, make note of what did happen. Slavery ended that spring of 1865 and Fayetteville and its symbol played a major role, or Leslie's would not have been still writing about it in 1915. Instead of looking for things to be angry about, think about what this building really represents.

Helen Kaminski almost 3 years ago

Since the city seems to be on a kick to remove anything "offensive," (a subjective word indeed), why not do something historical and important? Clean and secure the historic cemeteries. While the city is content to criticize a building for nothing and spend money to change seals, they should be taking charge of the vandalism at the resting places of Fayetteville founders, Rev War Patriots, and Jewish graves sprayed with swastikas. Anyone visit Cross Creek 1 or 2 lately? Stones knocked over, above-ground graves busted open, etc. If this town is serious about history, which we doubt, do something about this unforgivable action on the city's part: letting the founders be vandalized. Or are they the wrong color, which should be a non-issue?

Andrew Privette, Registered Architect almost 3 years ago

Can the city not afford to keep our buildings clean. Example:Police parking structure cornice - filthy.

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The duck pond is trashy. They are breeding.

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Kenneth Mayner, Graphics Manager, Corporate Communications admin almost 3 years ago

The City needs more secure power boxes in Festival Park Plaza, especially in the promenade area. I have noticed on several occasions individuals breaking into these power sources and stealing electricity to charge cell phones, etc., especially while waiting at the nearby bus stop. It needs to made more difficult to hack into these with more enforcement and signage posted that stealing electricity is a crime. PWC has discouraged stealing electricity and this is an example of that.

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The Fayetteville Wonderland Festival at Festival Park would be a collection of all participating local artists and their unique talents. Their would be a maze of art highlighting popular local and global issues, technology, fashion, music, photography, etc. Local participating bands and maybe even the Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra could participate. This is a big project that I would like to see the City of Fayetteville complete for the benefit of all. I have plenty of people who are interested in participating. I feel that this would be a great opportunity for the Arts Council as well as other non-profit organizations in this area. I would like to donate a large portion of the proceeds to the Cumberland County Public Schools arts and music programs. I would also like to take the top performing students to be able to submit their ideas and work for the maze of art and have them be able to volunteer and participate in the event itself; as well as the preparation and clean up process.

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In regards to slumlords inappropriate housing rented to consumers in Cumberland County. Unless the property is winterize energy efficient for winter and summer, consumer is not charge for their violations, fire alarms place throughout the resident, safe roofing and for health reason free from black mold the landlord is in violation of a $ 1000.00 fine every 30 days or immediate demolishing.

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Rake it up take it to the Dump every time we send guys out in the rain to unclogg the storm drains, if you stop the useof them buy these's land scaping companies. Bag it take it to the Dump

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