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Willie Cooper over 3 years ago

I think the City should be allowed to bring PWC under its control so that one Board i.e. City Council would control both entities, from operational, financial, and reporting perspectives.

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There are too many drivers not respecting other drivers or the law and putting lives at risk.

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Will Linville over 3 years ago

If we can afford, as a community, to provide INCENTIVES to bring a chicken processing plant within city limits, I think we should be able to find some money to save the Prince Charles. Can you imagine coming down Haymount Hill without that visual landmark? Without it, that entrance into downtown is no longer framed by a beautiful, historic structure - you'll be greeted by the AIT building - a structure with ABSOLUTELY NO architectural value at all.

I hope city leaders do the right thing and save a landmark that could never, ever be replaced.

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Idea: Pop-up Parks

Will Linville over 3 years ago

Utilize empty lots in the downtown area by creating pop-up parks that could potentially become places where people will want to congregate and spend time in. A case study in Boston, MA showed that a small investment (putting a few pieces of furniture and other low-cost equipment) can turn a vacant parcel (such as the park beside the Prince Charles) into a property that will add value to the downtown and increase the quality of life for residents and visitors alike.


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Idea: Bike Share

Will Linville over 3 years ago

Make bike sharing available to the downtown area as well as linear parks. Bcycle is a company that owns and maintains all equipment (so adding that option for people would be at little to no cost to the city), and is being used in cities such as Charlotte, NC.

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our youth feel as thou they are not exposed to any options. i think my program can make a lasting effect on a lot of good people lives. I want to go into the inner & urban city community and centers, with a positive canine awareness program. i am a 43 year old African American man and i don't care what color you are..... if you would have let me run around as a kid and play with dogs all day!!! i know i would have been so much more grounded as a youth. i would have been exposed to a much more professional field, i would have worked harder in school to stay on that team... the love and responsibility i would have gained for canines threw such a program, would have led me to sum good, honest career choices in the canine or animal field. police canine units could mentor the recreation centers and build even more of a positive re pour with the community. dogs contribute they service to our human needs service, work, therapy, help our handicapped, rehabilitate our prisoners. they would be more than willing to help with our troubled youth. please contact me for more information on my project. dog sports works for all ages, male, female. its also exersize. no need to say what our kids look like. plus there is about a million got dogs in the animal shelters waiting on us for a job. extra bonus: it works in other cities too. thank you. plz contact me if you can help.

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Hello my name is John Russell, I am a 43 year old African American business owner in Fayetteville NC. I am a proud resident of Cumberland county and have lived in Fayetteville 30 years of my life. I am what you call a true civilian of Fayetteville. I have no affiliation with the military. My family is originally from Brooklyn NY. My mother decided to relocate from a abusive relationship with my father when I was young with my 2 younger sisters and baby brother. She did her best to raise us, but with only homemaking as a skill she fell victim to hardships of drug abuse.I can say that she is 15-20 years clean now ( : but this did leave a scare in our growth mentally, and physically as a family. After decades of trying to get my family back on track, I can say,I finally see a bright future in a project that I am working on that can help a lot of people in a lot of ways. I notice a lot of issues submitted asked about involvement and problems in the community. Somewhat in the same sentence. Dogs help our police dept, serve in our military, best friend you will ever have, help our handicapped, the are rehabilitating our prisoners.... they would be more than willing to work with our troubled youth. exposing youth to a youth/canine sports league would do so much for the community. it would have to be amateur and i could target our inner city youth. the shelter has plenty of dogs ready to play, and i'm sure the police dept canine unit would love to do the outreach at the community centers. teaching the kids about basic dog care. we already know they volunteers would come out the wood work. i already have sum good people ready to start this project. and i am hosting a event to raise awareness to dogs in the animal shelter with hopes of getting people on board for my canine league. Picnic in the park. june 29. cross creek fountain park.

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I am 25 years old and a Fayetteville native. Growing up when this city was not so big was a great experience for me. But as I got older with no means of traveling to other cities to have fun, I began to club a lot. Being that is not my style, quickly the movies, bowling and skating rink became very old. So now I travel to other cities just to have fun. We need more places like Dave and Busters, Adventure Landings, and family oriented places. Fayetteville is the perfect city to live just no entertainment for those who do not want to be in a club setting every weekend. Even having a permanent city carnival. This is why so many military and college students hate living hear. Nothing to do.

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Of course this my opinion, but in order to solve the issues, people have to take responsiblity in thier homes. Also, people need to stop being hesitant to correct whatever issues professionally. Lastly, We need to be united and stop the politic beause what I have seen is that the politic only divises people instead of uniting them. If we wait on the politiciasn or government officials to solve the problem, we will find ourselves in deep trouble. We all need to get involved by volunteer in different activities that will help this city. For example, having people who will go door to door to raise awareness about what is going in this city. Thank you.

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Currently there are no public, outside parks/playgrounds in the Gray's Creek area. Can one be installed at the Gray's Creek Recreation Center.

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