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Traffic backs up because too few cars go through during a light cycle.

The intersection should have two left turn lanes, two straight lanes, and one right turn lane.

The lanes should be long enough to fill up between changes in the light with enough cars to go through during the change of lights.

By dramatically increasing the number of cars navigating the intersection when it is green, the long lines can be eliminated.

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To be a city and have a sense of community we need more sidewalks it connects us to our neighbors and allow to be healthy and walk to stores and places. We also need marked crosswalks and lights, the markings will alert the traffic that there is a crosswalk.

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The writing is on the walls as far as the city's stance - they come across as not caring what really happens to one of the most beautiful structures in the downtown area. I say do all you can to save a historic property, because once its gone I can guarantee you that what replaces it will pare in comparison. worst case scenario it looks as bad as the AIT building, best case it is a holiday inn express or a surface parking lot. SAVE THE PRINCE CHARLES!

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We have a very diverse city here with us being on the outskirts of Ft. Bragg. Coming together as volunteers in God given areas of our we can and must reach to our fellow Fayettvillian. Where some of us can help in clerical duties other can help builds homes. What your area of expertise and start from there. Let's Get Busy, Fayetteville!

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Jessica Durham, Giving Back to Fayetteville over 4 years ago

Helping seniors to improve their lives by hand on crafts. Everything from bead work to needle crafts. Learning the basics of computers: obtaining need paper work to complete financial forms since their transportation is limited. Helping seniors communicate via email with their families.

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Turn the Historic Prince Charles along with the AIT building into a convention center for the downtown area. The hotel is a long standing part of history and can be restored. The AIT building is an eye sore and a waste of valuable space for the city. By doing this we would bring people and money into the downtown area. It would boost the downtown area and the possibility for more people to open resturants downtown. I feel like it would increase the interest in clients for the building at Festival Park.

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