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I recently relocated to the Fayetteville area (FSU '08). I am a Social Media enhancer and the Mashable Social Media Day Organizer for Fayetteville. We need to have a designated Social Media Day #Fayetteville to bring together business professionals, innovators, influencers, and general citizens for an opportunity to connect their online networks offline This will help in bringing communities closer together.

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I am 25 years old and a Fayetteville native. Growing up when this city was not so big was a great experience for me. But as I got older with no means of traveling to other cities to have fun, I began to club a lot. Being that is not my style, quickly the movies, bowling and skating rink became very old. So now I travel to other cities just to have fun. We need more places like Dave and Busters, Adventure Landings, and family oriented places. Fayetteville is the perfect city to live just no entertainment for those who do not want to be in a club setting every weekend. Even having a permanent city carnival. This is why so many military and college students hate living hear. Nothing to do.

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