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Jedda Cain, Academic Counsellor at June 01, 2018 at 2:10am EDT

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Helen Kaminski almost 3 years ago

Since the city seems to be on a kick to remove anything "offensive," (a subjective word indeed), why not do something historical and important? Clean and secure the historic cemeteries. While the city is content to criticize a building for nothing and spend money to change seals, they should be taking charge of the vandalism at the resting places of Fayetteville founders, Rev War Patriots, and Jewish graves sprayed with swastikas. Anyone visit Cross Creek 1 or 2 lately? Stones knocked over, above-ground graves busted open, etc. If this town is serious about history, which we doubt, do something about this unforgivable action on the city's part: letting the founders be vandalized. Or are they the wrong color, which should be a non-issue?

Jessica Durham, Giving Back to Fayetteville over 4 years ago

Helping seniors to improve their lives by hand on crafts. Everything from bead work to needle crafts. Learning the basics of computers: obtaining need paper work to complete financial forms since their transportation is limited. Helping seniors communicate via email with their families.

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