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Why don't we add a 1-2cent local tax for a limited time on alcohol, cigarettes, leisure activities to help pay for pools/parks/river front projects etc. instead of adding it automatically to property taxes. These projects are for everyone to use, therefore EVERYONE can contribute to improving our city whether or not they own property. Many of these projects are in attempt to improve the city, reduce crime by having available activities or just trying to represent this city in another light. Adding a small local tax to purchases for leisure, alcohol, cigarettes and snacks can greatly help. By continuously increasing property taxes will #1 have people leave the city/county district, #2 increase negativity among homeowners & #3 won't change any mindsets of the ones who don't care about the city. What we want is for people to respect and feel some stake & ownership in where they live & work. Our culture must change!

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Walking trail on City Owned Land at 6701 Baileys Lake Road

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Kenneth Mayner, Graphics Manager, Corporate Communications admin almost 3 years ago

The City needs more secure power boxes in Festival Park Plaza, especially in the promenade area. I have noticed on several occasions individuals breaking into these power sources and stealing electricity to charge cell phones, etc., especially while waiting at the nearby bus stop. It needs to made more difficult to hack into these with more enforcement and signage posted that stealing electricity is a crime. PWC has discouraged stealing electricity and this is an example of that.

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Idea: Pop-up Parks

Will Linville over 3 years ago

Utilize empty lots in the downtown area by creating pop-up parks that could potentially become places where people will want to congregate and spend time in. A case study in Boston, MA showed that a small investment (putting a few pieces of furniture and other low-cost equipment) can turn a vacant parcel (such as the park beside the Prince Charles) into a property that will add value to the downtown and increase the quality of life for residents and visitors alike.


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Currently there are no public, outside parks/playgrounds in the Gray's Creek area. Can one be installed at the Gray's Creek Recreation Center.

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