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By providing a safer way to cross our high traffic streets we can reduce major accidents in our roads.

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Speed bumps in residental neighborhoods would be much appreciated upon request, due to speeding issues. My neighborhood is plagued with speeding motorists, and the scary part is that there are a lot of children on my street. They ride there bikes and go walking, and I strongly believe that speed bumps would help create a sense of safety and reduce this issue. Thank you.

Rake it up take it to the Dump every time we send guys out in the rain to unclogg the storm drains, if you stop the useof them buy these's land scaping companies. Bag it take it to the Dump

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There are too many drivers not respecting other drivers or the law and putting lives at risk.

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Traffic backs up because too few cars go through during a light cycle.

The intersection should have two left turn lanes, two straight lanes, and one right turn lane.

The lanes should be long enough to fill up between changes in the light with enough cars to go through during the change of lights.

By dramatically increasing the number of cars navigating the intersection when it is green, the long lines can be eliminated.

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