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Business incubators are great for boosting small business, it gives the chance for micro businesses to gain affordable office space. A lot of the local commercial real estate that's available for lease is too large and too expensive for a micro business owner who may only need 2-400 square feet for an office, while most spaces are over 1200 sq ft. Having one of these positioned downtown would showcase the city's support of small business, as well as bringing more business downtown to the shops and restaurants.

An Incubator would ideally include several small lightly furnished office spaces available for monthly rent, event space for rental [banquet hall and a few conference rooms] and at the base SBA [Small Business Association, or other similar non-profit organization] offices where classes and training can be held. Members could purchase an office and with their monthly fee they could receive access to the conference rooms and discounts on renting the larger meeting facilities. Members can also choose a virtual office option to use the building as a mailing address and they can use the conference rooms when available. The second floor or the front side of the ground floor could also be reserved for shops and small restaurants. These spaces would have built in kitchens or racks and display cases already provided, so that they are move in ready. Having a large commercial kitchen on the basement level or on the back of the building with loading access for catering businesses to rent would also be beneficial.

Money made through the rental of the meeting facilities [which could be open for rent for non-members at higher rates] and the office spaces could go towards city funding so that we can continue to grow this community. This building could produce hundreds of businesses and jobs that would help our local economy.

We have several large vacant properties downtown. If a building like the Philips Loan building was given the ability to "work for the city" I believe it would be not only financially beneficial to the city, but beneficial to the community as well. This way future entrepreneurs and micro business owners have a better chance at success, which would inspire many to pursue their dreams, instead of worrying they will never be able to afford their own store front.

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People are constantly running the light when turning left off of Country Club and onto Ramsey. Very dangerous.

Also, Owen and Village Drive.

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I see so many people running red lights on those two intersections on my way home/to work it's scary. I'm surprised more accidents haven't occured at these two intersections especially since they are two busy intersections close to Fort Bragg.

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David Smith almost 3 years ago

Village drive is 45 Miles per-hour at that point, Purdue is a neighborhood street. Cars on Village often times do not see the red light and blow through the intersection.

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Kenneth Mayner, Graphics Manager, Corporate Communications admin almost 3 years ago

Grove St. at Eastern Blvd. definitely needs one. So does Grove St. at Ramsey St./Green St.

Kenneth Mayner, Graphics Manager, Corporate Communications admin almost 3 years ago

The City of Fayetteville should encourage development on the Cape River River in East Fayetteville and the areas of the City east toward I-95. There should be a corridor plan to encourage growth the area. The area shapes a lot of the first impression many have of our City and the river and the area bordering I-95 is an untapped resource for the arts, recreation, retail, lodging, restaurants, etc. Attached are images what Greenville, SC has done with their river area (riverwalk, pedestrian bridge).

There is lots of development on the westside of the city and more focus needs to be placed on the east side to balance out growth, improve aesthetics, increase tourism, and help combat negative perceptions of Fayetteville. The Cape Fear River Trail could also be extended further down stream connected via a river walk. It would also improve the City's case in future plans connected to the Cape Fear River basin if the City of Fayetteville was aggressive about riverside development.

The widening of NC 24 between Fayetteville and Jacksonville (the major route that connects Fort Bragg to Camp Lejeune) through eastern Cumberland County and Sampson County should also be a factor to consider.

Visit Greenville, SC (video):

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Kenneth Mayner, Graphics Manager, Corporate Communications admin almost 3 years ago

The City needs more secure power boxes in Festival Park Plaza, especially in the promenade area. I have noticed on several occasions individuals breaking into these power sources and stealing electricity to charge cell phones, etc., especially while waiting at the nearby bus stop. It needs to made more difficult to hack into these with more enforcement and signage posted that stealing electricity is a crime. PWC has discouraged stealing electricity and this is an example of that.

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I recently relocated to the Fayetteville area (FSU '08). I am a Social Media enhancer and the Mashable Social Media Day Organizer for Fayetteville. We need to have a designated Social Media Day #Fayetteville to bring together business professionals, innovators, influencers, and general citizens for an opportunity to connect their online networks offline This will help in bringing communities closer together.

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Fayetteville is lacking in its recreation department. Pools are needed badly. To have only one pool in a city this size is crazy. And what happens when that pool closes for repairs? Where do the youth go then? Everyone knows that having "idle" children around is not a good thing. Give them a place to have fun and enjoy the summer!

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By providing a safer way to cross our high traffic streets we can reduce major accidents in our roads.

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