As the City of Fayetteville continues to grow and thrive, the City Council looks to chart a course with a strategic plan which articulates a vision for our community’s future that will ensure vitality and sustainability.  The City of Fayetteville is guided by a comprehensive strategic planning process. City Council meets annually to refine the items that comprise the City’s strategic plan and to ensure that it is reflective of the changing needs of our growing community.



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Attachment: Document - Executive Summary for the Community Cafe Conversation Sessions.


An executive summary of the Community Café Conversations is available for your review. Please also share your input in the forums below.

Fayetteville City Council members would like to thank residents who volunteered in helping chart the course for Fayetteville by participating in the Community Café Conversation sessions. Feedback provided by residents has been provided to Fayetteville City Council during their 2015 Strategic Planning Retreat on February 26, 2015. Because of the success and participation in the Café Conversations, the City plans to utilize this again for future citizen engagement needs.


The goal of the Community Café Conversations is to solicit ideas and feedback about how the City is doing in meeting its goals and what areas City leaders need to focus while developing their strategic plan. Strategic planning is a roadmap employed by many local governments to guide the use of money, personnel and resources to realize a shared vision of the future. It outlines what a community hopes to achieve through a long-term and annual goal-setting process and provides steps for reaching those goals.  


Over 100 residents participated in the two citizen engagement events earlier this year on January 8 and February 3. Residents from all 9 council districts were represented during the events. Some of the highest priority items identified by residents include:

Economic diversity

Job growth

Crime reduction

Recreational opportunities

Municipal infrastructure


87% of participants expressed a desire to see performance measurement data reported online that will provide feedback on how well the City is meeting its goals.


Attachment: Video - Community Cafe Conversation Results

Attachment: Document - The City of Fayetteville's FY 2015 Strategic Plan


The City of Fayetteville's Strategic Plan has five main areas that represent a commitment to serving the community. The plan is comprised of the following components. The Vision for the community, the organizational Mission and Core Values, 5-Year Goals that support the long-term vision for the City and annual Targets for Action (TFA) to advance progress toward the goals.

Attachment: Document - FY 2014 Strategic Performance Report


Strategic planning is the process that assists Council, as representatives of the community, to plan for our community’s future. How does the City of Fayetteville make the Vision a reality? The City’s Strategic Plan sets the direction and goals for the City of Fayetteville and helps guide the actions of City council and staff. In FY 2014, the City focused the process on understanding what kind of outcomes it takes to achieve the vision for our community. We also worked to narrow down our strategic priorities and began tracking performance to gauge how well we are doing. 


In an effort to increase accountability and transparency, the FY 2014 Strategic Performance Report highlights the progress made toward achieving the goals set forth in the strategic plan.

      The City of Fayetteville is a leader in using the Strategic Plan to drive the community and organization forward with purpose. The Strategic Plan sets the direction for the City and helps guide the actions of staff in fulfilling the goals. This year, City Council really focused on what kind of outcomes it would take to achieve the vision for our community and worked to identify the top few critical priorities. The City also made the transition to performance management so that we can gauge how well we are doing in achieving our goals. What are the issues that are important for the City Council to consider as they develop the City's Strategic priorities?  How can we make our community a better place? 

The City's vision statment is the collective understanding of the ideal City of Fayetteville in 10 years. It reflects the standard of living we hope to achieve through our actions today. What is your vision for the City of Fayetteville and what actions need to be taken today?


The City of Fayetteville is a great place to live with a choice of desirable, safe neighborhoods, a regional shopping destination, leisure opportunities for all and beauty by design.


Our City has a vibrant downtown and major corridors, the Cape Fear River to enjoy, diverse cultures with a rich heritage, a strong local economy and beneficial military presence.


Our City has unity of purpose and partners with engaged residents who have confidence in their local government.


This creates a sustainable community with opportunities for individuals and families to thrive.