Community Conversation - "Working Together for Fayetteville's Success" - is an inclusive dialogue process consisting of a carefully constructed conversation that includes a diverse and broad representation of Fayetteville residents. The Community Conversation will bring together Fayetteville residents, local officials, law enforcement, community organizations and others to participate in honest and transparent conversations.

Building upon positive results from past efforts of Fayetteville’s Study Circles process that focused on various issues, this new effort will work towards creating and implementing a sustainable public engagement process for our City. Please come back regularly to participate in the online discussion or to find out more details about upcoming events.

For additional information or to register by phone, please contact the Fayetteville-Cumberland Human Relations Department at (910) 433-1696.

The Fayetteville Community Conversation series is being coordinated and implemented by the City of Fayetteville, the Fayetteville-Cumberland Human Relations Department and the Fayetteville-Cumberland Ministerial Council, in partnership with local organizations and institutions.

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On January 20, 2014, The Fayetteville-Cumberland Human Relations Commission hosted a “Fayetteville Community Conversation”; an inclusive, public engagement, dialogue process consisting of a carefully constructed conversation that includes a diverse and broad representation of Fayetteville Residents.

The kick-off event was sponsored by the Fayetteville-Cumberland County Human Relations Commission and was supported by organizations such as the Fayetteville-Cumberland County Ministerial Council and Greater Fayetteville United.

The Community Conversation didn't end on January 20th, it will continue online at and they will be other Community Conversation events scheduled throughout 2014.

Forum: Citizen Input

What can be done to improve ways that citizen and resident input are included in the CIty's decisions and plans for bettering Fayetteville?

In what ways can residents, city leadership, and local organizations and institutions work together to help our city become a healthier, more vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable major North Carolina City>

How can citizens and City staff make sure that the community's needs are listened to and addressed appropriately?

The City's vision statment is the collective understanding of the ideal City of Fayetteville in 10 years. It reflects the standard of living we hope to achieve through our actions today. What is your vision for the City of Fayetteville and what actions need to be taken today?


The City of Fayetteville is a great place to live with a choice of desirable, safe neighborhoods, a regional shopping destination, leisure opportunities for all and beauty by design.


Our City has a vibrant downtown and major corridors, the Cape Fear River to enjoy, diverse cultures with a rich heritage, a strong local economy and beneficial military presence.


Our City has unity of purpose and partners with engaged residents who have confidence in their local government.


This creates a sustainable community with opportunities for individuals and families to thrive.